Would you ever

Wear a mobile phone strapped to your belt?

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe

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For clarification my ‘maybe’ only covers the event of it being the most practical location for it in some sort of professional setting where quick access is imperative.


if you think about it, everywhere is a professional setting


is the phone strapped to you, or are you strapped to your phone #makesuthink


My first ever mp3 player (a ‘samsung napster’ 20gb effort (circa 2004?) with the battery of up to nearly ten minutes, five on shuffle) came with a case with a belt clip. So you could clip your mp3 player to your belt. Yeah.

I did actually wear it clipped to my belt when I was out and about in those giddy first few months when owning such a futuristic gadget was something I wanted to trumpet to the world.


If I ever took up running or going on one of the running machines at the gym I would like my phone strapped to something so I could listen to music without worrying it would fall out of a pocket or something.

Otherwise never

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