Would you get a cat or dog if you knew they thought you were a cunt?


There’s no change in their behaviour, but you now know that each purr, nuzzle, lick or whimper is a callous attempt to debase you and everything you hold dear.


No I wouldn’t.


But, so cute!


I don’t like cats I’m afraid but I’m glad you do and have found some enjoyment in this creature.


Many thanks for the quick responses


You’re very welcome. Hope the rest of this thread goes well for you.


What other type of cat is there?


They all think you’re cunts and would eat you if they had half the chance.



I liked you


Nah. Dogs think you’re great and would eat you given the chance.


Sorry DazBaz, I’m an enormous fan of you and I hope we can move past this.


Hes back!


How ya been? enjoying yourself harassing animals and stuff?


This is my dog who i had to give to my sister when I moved out years ago. We got her as a stray and sometimes I suspect she is silently judging everything we do. Those eyes betray depth and insight:


My cats are the real cunts in our flat but I love them anyway.

  • cats are better
  • dogs are better

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cats are SO much better than dogs, srsly