Would you GET DOWN to this? Poll thread



Post a song, post a poll:

Would you GET DOWN to this?

I will start.

  • I would.
  • I would not.

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Would / have.

  • Would
  • Would not

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Anytime I answer “Would” in this thread it’s an extremely hypothetical “Would”. I am extremely unlikely to ever actually “get down” to any song ever in my life.

  • Would
  • Would Not

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I dislike having any background music for sexy fun times, so it’s all a no from me, Clive.


I kind of like the radio in the morning but I don’t really go “let’s put on some tunes” when going to bed.

I guess I prefer spontaneity

  • Would.
  • Would not.

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Oh wait! The “getting down” in this instance is getting down to some competent love making rather than getting down to some boogying on a dance floor?

Yup, still applies…


nothing to put you in the mood like “young fathers”


Did you just see the thread tag?


I have done.

Wouldn’t dance to it though.


i recently found out that i’m perfectly happy GETTING DOWN to literal fucking k-pop, so it’s a would for everything in this thread no questions asked, don’t even need to listen to it


i also thought this thread was about dancing


WAIT “get down” means “pork”?

I assumed it was like THIS sort of getting down.


Would still apply…


It would have been hilarious had this thread been allowed to continue for years before people realised just what I meant.


Apologies to Theo that was one of the first images that popped up in a google search.

  • Swaying wildly
  • Sighing bitterly

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I recommend skipping this track from Before the Dawn Heals Us if you’re trying to make someone come, but, you know, it’s up to you.

  • Wood
  • Woodn’t

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