Would you GET DOWN to this? Poll thread

I can’t think of anything more sexual than the Baywatch theme tune -

  • I’lll be reaaaady!! FOREVER AND ALWAYS I’m always here (I agree)
  • nah.

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Everyone did.

  • oh ja! das ist gut!
  • NEIN!

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Obviously I wouldn’t put this on deliberately but I reckon I could cope if it came on.

What a track!

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Can’t make up my mind.

maybe just bash one out to it and see how that feels? that’s what I’ve been doing.

You don’t need to lie saps… if this is number one on your ultimate sex tunes mixtape then BRILLIANT.

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my usual jam

  • y
  • n

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I am a Getuplican more than a Downocrat.

have to get the timing right, obviously


Yeah, I had assumed we were using it in the House of Pain lyric sense.

I didn’t check the tags. Who checks the tags @ninetyeightytwo ??! No one, that’s who.

Ahm ooot. :smiley:

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  • On time for the meeting, diligently taking notes throughout
  • Called in sick

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You GET DOWN to morning radio?!?! Holy fuck - which station?

Ffs now I’m going to have go back through this whole thread and meticulously judge people by an entirely different set of critera. Be clearer in future.


Sean Keavney on 6 music obvs

  • Would
  • Would Not

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God, this is horrible. I think I’d reach over and switch this one off.

  • Um…
  • Well…

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different time, the 90’s