Would you go into a curry house

Any just order a couple of naan breads for snack?

I think about this quite a lot when driving and hungry. Feels like it’s a bit rude but not really sure why.


Have done and will continue to do so

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No, I wouldn’t do this.


Curry houses aren’t traditionally open during the snacking hours, are they? like, I would do if I felt like a naan at 3pm, but there’s nowhere open then.

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I certainly would not.

I worry about this sort of thing but when I worked in a cafe sometimes I would just sell things like a single sausage and so I’m sure just going for some naans is fine

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When I was 16/17 we would frequently go to the local balti house after the pub and just have a keema naan each to take away. Perfect post pub food.


Alright, Wayne Rooney.


It would depend on the time of day and capacity in the restaurant. I’d have no issues doing this when it was quiet, but if it was nearly full and you took up a table where someone else might be ordering a meal for four then it would be pretty unreasonable.

I see DiS is trying very hard to make me order a Local Indian tonight.


Been tempted to go to a cinema before just for popcorn

I wouldn’t go to a curry house which is a sit in place for that but an Indian takeaway, sure


Not sure if this is very local to Wigan but our chippy used to do “smacks” which was just a blob of deep fried mash or maybe it was a slice of potato rather than mash. They were so good.

Always went there just for a solitary 10p smack but I was about 8 so totally acceptable.

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But I have been know after buying 3 naans (used to be £1, now £1.20) from the naan shop on Blackstock Road to eat one on the journey home as a snack and keep the other two to go with my curry-based evening meal.

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For takeaway? Of course

Sit in? Not if busy

No but, only because if I was back home I couldn’t not go in the Simla and have the full whack.

Would you go to a pub that served food and just order dessert? I’ve heard of this before but I don’t think I’d be brave enough (also personally I think that desserts are generally overpriced)

As in, as a takeaway? Don’t think I’d ever do this but not going to get all judgemental if somebody want to do it, seems fair enough

Going in and sitting at a table a eating a couple of naans seems weird though

A cheese and garlic naan is a meal in itself if done properly tbf.

just a couple of naans please.

Certainly. Would you like a dri