Would you go to the bottom of the sea

and have a look around? I wouldn’t. I think the deep sea is foul, some of its inhabitants repulse me.
THAT BEING SAID, apparently the famous blobfish you see pictures of doesn’t actually look like that, it’s something to do with… water pressure or something.
I do quite like the ones with lights on their head.
But no, deep sea is horrifying IMO. So dark. There are secrets down there that none of us need to know about.


Absolutely not, no. Won’t even go to the top of the sea if I can help it.


Fuck that. See also: space.

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I like the top of it, it’s pretty. But going in it freaks me out, maaaaan.

There’s always things wanting to grab you and crawl up in you and it’s wrong. Think we should just get rid of it


right now to get away from covid/brexit/johnson/trump etc absolutely. might not come back.


Got some bad news for you re: prevalence of the sea over the next 30 years


Should we get rid of the deep sea?

  • Obviously yes
  • For some reason no

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No, Godzilla lives down there for privacy.
I wouldn’t like it if he came for a snoop round my house unannounced.

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Absolutely. Make the whole thing, like, 20 metres deep? However much space lads like whales need.


Godzilla can stop being so fucking selfish and can go and live on the moon with Elvis.

yeah, these dudes are cool.

Would quite like to explore the Deep Sea (with appropriate eldritch capitalisation) though as long as I was in a safe submersible that has comfy seating and a little computer to the side that looks sort of retro-futurist and has limited colours but is advanced enough that I can have video calls and play games on it and make tunes on it. Also I can somehow get chips delivered (no fish though, don’t want to irk the locals - and I don’t like fish anyway)

I feel like, if there’s some divine creator, the Deep Sea (with appropriate eldritch capitalisation) is like the ideas-testing zone, so the place to try out crazy new animals like fish with light up heads and all fucked up teeth and that. There’s probably some crazy type of human living down there that walks around in the nuddy and can fire beams of pure energy.

Also the undersea music from FF7 is playing during my exploration

thank you


You should go on google now, search “deep sea creatures” and click on images. You’ll change your tune!!
Just did that and genuinely nearly cried.

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It’s where they find the titular mask in The Mask.

love to be on top of the sea. hate being in the sea.


So glad sperm whales are out there daily heading down to clear out some of those giant squid nightmares. Underappreciated heroes,.

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those light fish are actually quite selfish when you think about it

we’re depleting the earth’s resources keeping our city’s lit

if they’d just pull their fingers out of their arses and evolve to the point where they had fingers that they could stick in and then promptly remove from their arses

then they could live on the surface and get night jobs keeping the city’s lit, they could probably do it while sleeping

then the day would come and they’re absolutely banking it in and they have all day to do what they want with

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You just remember that the next time King Ghidorah attacks the planet missy :yum: