Would you go to university under the new fees?

  • Yes
  • No

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yes, but I obviously wouldn’t study Philosophy.


Shouldn’t have gone under the old fees so fuck no


I wouldn’t ‘go to university’ again full stop. Not now and not if I had my time again.

Would do a degree part time instead.


Do you mean the pre-2017 fees or the-2012?



(Although I went pre-2012)


But supposing you were 18 now and just finished 6th form


Depends, is Alex Salmond going to write them off for my year only due to needing to spend a budget surplus again?

What a year.


Dunno m9. Definitely wouldn’t have studied archaeology though.


My main HE umbrage these days isn’t necessarily the new fees (although they are significantly higher than what I would consider fair) but the removal of the Maintenance Grant for disadvantaged pupils. It’s an absolute outrage.


What do you think ‘if I had my time again’ means?


Maybe, but not to do architecture.


Nope. Probably wouldn’t have bothered at all tbqh

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really, what would you do?


My daughter is 18 now and just finished 6th form - and she’s off to Uni next week.

It’s definitely the right thing for her to be doing - I told her to view the fees / loans as more like a graduate tax than debt.


I only didn’t go because I didn’t know what to study (still wouldn’t) and it wasn’t really something everyone was doing as well.


PhD in Bing


genuinely cant remember 80% of what I was taught at uni


oh yeah, remember bing?