Would you go to university under the new fees?

Something that is a lot shorter and requires a lot less work.

Physics, maybe? Philosophy or history if I wasn’t too fussed about finding a job afterwards.

Yeah I’m not sure if my degree was entirely the best choice for me but, it coincided with enough of my interests and developed knowledge in enough areas where it helped a lot with getting a job.

I’ve been quite tempted to go back and do a masters recently probably part time though since I still need the :money_with_wings:

I doubt it. At college I did a BTEC national diploma in Computing. Mainly as I preferred the hands on experience of coding and networking rather than big exams.

During that course I did two work placements, one as an engineer fixing computers, at the end they offered me a weekend and holiday job.

No one else from my family has ever been to Uni and I was very shy and quiet. Now I probably would have taken a full time job with that company and started from the bottom.

Saying that I also did a years work placement at University which helped me immensely.

Without the benefit of hindsight, yes. With the benefit of hindsight, probably, but to do international relations or something and go somewhere where I could learn a language and do an Erasmus year.

It’s galling that in 4 years since getting a first class degree which I had to force myself not to drop out of in the first 2 years because I was so miserable, I’m yet to earn enough to pay any of my loan back at all.

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Surely we’re past the old “philosophy degrees make you unemployable!” shtick now?


I could have said, “if I wasn’t too fussed about finding a job that related to my degree, or even needed the skills of my degree.”


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(I was also being slightly tongue-in-cheek)

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i thought you WERE any architecht?


Yeah, I think of it as a ‘graduate tax’ rather than ‘debt’. Although I’m against the fee increases (and went to uni in 2012 when they were tripled), I think it’s blown out of proportion just a tiny bit. The amount you pay back in relation to your income is actually tiny (esp to begin with) and it all gets written off after 30 years if working. If you manage to pay it all back then you would’ve made a lot of money anyway.

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if i’m regular me but have left school this year instead of ages ago then yeah i’d probably still go

if i’m current me’s consciousness transported into the body of 18 year old me, then no.


How much has Batchelors Chicken & Mushroom Pasta ‘n’ Sauce increased since 2007? Because that will have a major impact on my budgeting.

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honestly thought this was going to be a Batchelor’s degree joke

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Yeah, except that it’s totally screwed the long-term funding of universities and undermined the notion of universality.

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If you did a degree and were to have your time again would you:

  • Do the same degree
  • Do a different degree

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an opportunity sorely missed. typical of someone with only a 2:1 from the university of central lancashire

idk, actually. I’d like to do the degree I did as a side thing - not something I depend upon for employment. I actually haven’t had issues with employment after graduating, and went into something I wanted to do, but its poorly paid.

Would probably do Law if I could have another crack at it.