Would you go

to a B*witched gig tonight that is guaranteed covid free? You have to go on your own and you can’t talk to anyone there.

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Say la vie

No but I have seen bwitched live

They did 4 songs.

Set list:
Cest la vie, rollercoaster, something else, then cest la vie again.


get a life

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Jessie Hold On?

I wouldn’t want to take a ticket away from the real B*witched fans of the forum

Right! None of you can complain about lockdown again!

I saw the fast food rockers once too. Same deal. They bookended a 4 song set with the ketchup song

I believe Toploader play Dancing in the Moonlight 12 times per set.

we can’t we talk to anyone?

Edit: I could edit this if I wanted but won’t

I’m well up for it tbh. Imagine all gigs were only 15 minutes long, and so shorn of filler that the best cuts get repeated. perfect.

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With posts like that do I need to answer?

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You had me at “would”

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An arsenal of killer, cutting-edge tunes defining their turbulent times but ruined by shouting gibberish amongst them like “Some people say I dance like me dad” and “Wheee! I can’t believe we’re on a rollercoaster.” They were very much the IDLES of their day.

Or Fontaines DC. I Don’t Belong is the Sweet Home Alabama to the Southern Man of To You I Belong.

Some people say I look like me da’

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no Blame it on the Weatherman??


Covid free cinema to watch Look Who’s Talking Too by yourself. All the seats around you are occupied by Joe Pasquale eating tuna and iceberg sandwiches.

  • Kirstie Alley
  • Olympia Dukakis

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