Would you have children if they had to be robots?


So imagine that it wasn’t possible to have kids ‘naturally’ anymore for some reason – a disease or a decree because of an impending disaster or something. But it was possible to make robots that would be exactly like the children you would have had but for this event/disease. We would also be able to preserve the eggs and enough body parts to bring back the human race in future at some point when the disease had been eradicated or another inhabitable planet had been found but this would have to be done by the robot kids and their descendants.


don’t want any regular kids but put me down for a couple of robots.

assuming they can cook and clean and that for me?


Of course not
Thought this’d be a Jordan thread tbh


I’d be more likely to have kids in this case


Like Ectogenesis?

If science fiction has taught me anything, it’s that it never really ends well.


No, we wouldn’t be able to go for seaside holidays because their gears would get rusty.


eventually it would be ectogenesis when it was possible to have humans again but until then it would be pure robot life. I imagine it would involve hybridising human/robot life quite a bit. but for the immediate future it’s just about raising robots as our children to continue our culture, language, ethics etc.


Me too


Chuck in Jude Law as a sex droid and you’ve got a passable Spielberg here.


surprised by how few people would do this tbh


Edward Scissorhands was Vincent Price’s robot son, wasn’t he? And he accidentally sliced Vinny up when he keeled over. I’d rather have a human child who could call 999 and possibly do some rudimentary first aid if I have a medical emergency. Nothing against Edward Scissorhands though, I like that film a lot.


title of the thread made me laugh quite a bit. still got the giggles even though it’s kind of a speculative fiction srs thought experiment thing (right DD?)


I believe that Theo has overcome this challenge already.


I’d be a good mother to a robot, when I save and exit in Pokemon I have to leave my character in a Pokemon centre, can’t just leave her out on the streets


I don’t know, but the other day, I read a response to those guys who think they can live on by transferring their conciousnesses to computers even though that would just be a copy; the response suggesting you could do a Theseus’s ship kinda thing with your organic brain by gradually replacing it with synthesised parts. that’s interesting, don’t you think?


fucking love thinking about that paradox <3


do you reckon that’d work, then? because of how we’re made up of completely different bits than we were seven years ago?


Just chuck human history onto wikipedia, print it out or whatever and fucking bury it under the O2


yeah, I was thinking that. problem is, like, your body parts are still you-DNA and that. But you’re still fundamentally the same person if you lost a leg and replaced it with a metal version, so there’s probably no problem in amplifying that, right, except your experience of life would be really different. Although not without precedent, as people live with locked-in syndrome etc.


maybe you could do the consciousness into a computer thing really gradually then? kind of… let your consciousness meld with the computer? extend onto it somehow.

you’d have to consider all the junk in your spine and stomach-lining, tho. all of that stuff.