Would you/have you trust/trusted any of your friends to set you up on a date?


That’s effectively how I met A – my friend said she knew someone I’d get along with and after a lot of badgering got us to meet at a group gathering (summer bbq) so the pressure wasn’t too much, but it was def initially a bit ‘everyone keeps checking to see if we’re talking’.

It was the first time I’d allowed someone to set met up, and weirdly the friend was a relatively new one who i guess just had a good overall gist of who and A were, and it all worked out.

So are you game for a blind date, DiS? i know some people. just sayin’


Gimme some love!
Gimme some skin!
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we divorced after ‘Starbucks’


Imagine if they set you up with someone absolutely awful and you i) had to endure that, ii) realised that someone you consider a good friend doesn’t know you at all, and iii) thinks so little of you the they think THAT is a suitable match.

In conclusion, yeah why not, sounds like a laugh.


I was going to say no but then I realised that, in a way, my friend did set me up with my boyfriend. It’s her brother :slight_smile: We all went to school together and for years she was always trying to marry off her brother to our friend group. He was two years above me so I didn’t really know him until years later when I was at uni. So all the pestering maybe worked its way into my head? Sooo yes! Result.


Depends on the friend. Probably would trust most of my closest friends, but it’s never really happened (aside from I guess being introduced at parties in the past in a ‘have you met x? I think you’d get along’ way.)

I think if i was so inclined I would be excellent at judging this if there was a potential match. (also two couples who basically met because of me both just got engaged, so I guess I just am good to know for that stuff)


I don’t think I would for a blind date but I wouldn;t do one of those in general really

I would if it was a big group thing like yours


yeah this is in general why i had said no previously


i am currently 50% successful in setting people up.

one couple crashed and burned
one couple have moved in with each other and looking v strong


are you overly invested in couple 2 as a result? I’ve had that in the past, for sure (I think I know who it is and that’s awesome)

I was best man twice and one couple are still together (but I think that’s more ‘for the kid’) the other are divorced and seeing other people…


no, i’m staying WELL away from couple 2 in case it ultimately decks it.


I’ve had 2x relatively recent ones, sort of

  1. a friend of a friend (work friend anyway) was swiping on Tinder and sees me, and sees that we have a mutual facebook friend. Instead of swiping right she has a word with said mutual friend to see if I’m not a weirdo or whatever. We end up going on a date, it was fine but nothing came of it.

  2. another friend tries to set me up with a recently single friend of his. We get as far as chatting on Whatsapp, and it quickly comes out that the reason she broke up with her ex is that she is keen to have kids. I already have 3 and am not keen for more. So a non starter

When I got divorced I thought I would have lots of friends trying to set me up with single friends/ friends of their wives etc. But it hasn’t happened.Not sure whether to be insulted or relieved. I’ll go with insulted.


Definitely the safest option. Fingers crossed. Enjoy them both coming to you after their first mega massive argument if it happens, that’s always fun (I’ve had that a few times. Fortunately I’m getting more and more equipped for it by being in Switzerland so much)


Yes, a friend set me up with their friend who i’d kind of flirted with on the comments of their picture.
Turns out he actually had an on-off girlfriend and I am unsure if the friend knew about this or not. I found out approximately 5 minutes after sleeping with him and him then going to the computer to have a facebook chat/argument with the girlfriend and then got shitty with me cause I was like “huh?”.



I imagine they’d set me up with someone very similar to me. Having once been on a date with a 99% OKCupid match I can confirm it would be a disaster.


i have specifically requested that that not happen, as that sounds the outright opposite of healthy


again. wise. They aren’t going to get honest answers from you anyway because you’ll be cagey.


take whatever i can get tbh


! kind of excellent/mortifying that that’s the point he’d pick to have a chat with his girlfriend. ‘cracking shag, just need to text the wife brb’


Now I can laugh at the ridiculousness of it but at the time I was quite mortified. I was also going through a particularly bad bout of insomnia so when the lights went off, I had to stare at the ceiling with that horrible feeling of “oh shit what have i done” :frowning: