Would you leave the house without making the (your) bed?

nope, me neither


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Nope. It’s something that I am very particular about.

Simple task that makes the room look and feel tidier and less stuffy.

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what about plumping up the sofa and cushions before you go to bed? I’d imagine you do this, too

yep, me too

I’m afraid I would (and have). It hardly seems worth it when my darling lover requires (one of) the duvet(s) for the sofa of an evening.


Does my wife allow it? Absolutely not.

Tell you what Silks, I do it as soon as I get up. Fold the duvet down halfway, flap it round a bit to get it straight, down on the bed. 10 seconds and job done. What a way to start the day.

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Never heard it called that before

should have a separate duvet for downstairs, imo

Of course; it’s just a bed.

We already have separate duvets for bedtime mate, can’t add any more into the mix!

No. It’s fine.

do you eat your toast off the floor?

Straight answer: I used to leave my bed unmade pretty-much every day.

However, it’s something that Mrs CCB does, and her good habit has worn off on me. So I’ll now make sure the bed is made before leaving the house, even if she’s away.

what is this? some sort of 50’s thing?

Yes, I leave before TV does

Well Silkz, it’s quite simple. I get way too hot at night, she gets too cold. I have my own thin duvet, she has her own thick one. It’s bliss mate. Legit astonished that more couples don’t do this.

No. I don’t eat at all in my bedroom either. I just don’t have any rituals on leaving the house and infact if I’m not working I want to leave the house as soon as possible as I feel shit when I don’t.

oh right. my mind went wandering in all types of directions then, I can tell ya

seems like a good idea

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Literally don’t remember when I last made the bed.

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