'would you like a boiled egg?'

Get this a lot in Belgian hotels (mainly at breakfast)

Not so much here.

Also, it always comes hard boiled.

Got anything to say about this?

yes, I have been to Belgium recently.


Waste of time, eggs

I prefer a well-oiled leg!


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stick it up yer arse mate.


Actually thought you were offering me and egg and my answer was going to be “yes, yes I would like a boiled egg”.

But no. It’s more fucking Belgium chat.


no, you get that more at British hotels.

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try telling that to a chicken

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Of all the things to put up your arse, a boiled egg would probably be one of the easiest.

you and egg, ie the walking dead ie guy from teachers?


I reckon I could easily cram a few up there and suffer no adverse effects.

suckered me in too man, thought we were in for some egg chat but nope. just another ruse for him to shoe horn in belgium

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was watching a film with my aunt and uncle and it had the guy from roadhouse (not Swayze) in it and my uncle kept saying ‘there he is! old roadhouse!’ and I liked this and will now start doing this myself.

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this scene but backwards


How many eggs do you think you could cram up your arse.

  • None - BWARK! (chicken)
  • One - well it’s a start.
  • Two - that’s more like it.
  • Three - alright!
  • Four - steady on now.
  • Five - ok this is getting silly.
  • Six - Please stop you are scaring me.
  • Seven - Are you ok? Shall I call an ambulance?

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Does it come with a shell or no?

It does

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I’ve never been offered a boiled egg in a Belgian hotel. Maybe I’m staying in the wrong hotels.

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