Would you like it if there was a God?


Would you like it tomorrow if a deity made their presence known in a peaceful way (through a press release or something), set down the proper rules, let you know what happened after you die and the available channels for you to get in contact with them?

Or would you prefer to keep living in this limbo?

NO POLLS, only genuine theological discussion.


don’t think so, there’d be so many hot take articles it’d be unreal


What sort of angles do you think people would go for?


nah, would just wonder whether there’s another god above the deity.

or then there’s this



“False messiah / mentally ill / burn them!”


I think it’s spelt ‘angels’


Depends on what they had to say for themselves



Quite like rules tbh. Think it would make life easier.



This please -


Imagine how smug whichever religion/cult/sect was closest to whatever this deity had to say would be, doesn’t bear thinking about


But at the very least, it would give greater plausibility to those theories



everyone would claim they got it right. just like whenever there’s an election.


Have often wonder what would happen if they did appear one day and turned out to be just as wrathful as literal interpretation of various religious texts suggest, how humanity would react, what factions would form, would believers still believe it is right because it is god, or would people not be down with flooding the earth and stuff


at least dawkins et al would probably have trouble with it!


Absolutely, especially if it was someone who had been knocking around for years but have kept it under wraps, someone like John Craven or something. Doing a live outside broadcast and then thinks now is the time and suddenly makes the sky turn red and sets clouds on fire and stuff and appears on every tv, phone, screen etc across the world at the same time. Brilliant.


*nods* :smiley:

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Imagine if David Icke was right all along. It would certainly change my opinion of Terry Wogan that’s for sure.