"Would you like to download the menu?"

Well, yeah. That’s why I’ve clicked on the link saying “Menu” you prick.

actual downloading is a bit of a commitment tho


Yeah maybe I could stream it?


restaurants make most of their money these days from tshirts and touring anyway


“Would you like a bag?”
“If you’ve got one”
“Oh no sorry, all our bags are fictional unfortunately you fucking dolt”

One of the most exhilarating feelings is going to the downloads folder in your phone and seeing all the menus of restaurants you have been to and restaurants you could have gone to. Opportunities taken, opportunities missed. This is life (touch my bum).


yeah man. would legit rather just eat somewhere else than download a pdf

With pleasure!

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SUBTHREAD CONTEST: how many menus in yr downloads folder

a pitiful five here.

A recently cleared zero. Only six items, most recent being a picture of Mark Butcher.

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A mighty 14.

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bad timing there m8. here’s hoping you make a better showing at next year’s contest.

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Had three manuals in there though. More loath to delete a manual.

an average 7 for me.

Including a burns night lunch menu for some reason

No manuals, but 3 T&Cs

Hmmm, wonder what they serve on Burn’s Night?

Fucking hell, thewarn.

Burn’s night: obvious

Burn’s lunch???

Oooh - picture of that vile thing JezzyI likes to eat.

‘Irn Bru’ cheesecake apparently.


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glad I downloaded it.

will keep just in case