"Would you like to download the menu?"

very traditional

You’re on a real hot streak today Jordo, kutgw

a swimming pool timetable and an airport map

never know when i might need them again.

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two of them are for the members club downstairs

Can you imagine what the celebrations will be like when he becomes the sole member of the 1000 club?


I’m booking the week off work for it


They need to remove that one time only download limit.

Swish. I’ll try and do it by the end of February.

Think ant’s taken the first week in March.

Travel insurance documentation for a holiday I went on 2 years ago and a map for a walk here. We got lost on that walk #downloadfoldermemories

They do a veggie one but they call it a Lady Macbeth cos being a vegetarian is for girls you see.

Waiter- would you like to see the menu?
Me - would YOU like to see the menu? shows menu on phone, cheeky wink

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Lady Macbeth was the puppet master like the vegetarian.