Would you look at Saturday?

Here we are.

Got my sister coming round to meet the dog who has an irritating 5am rise time at the moment.

Then I guess some football and maybe cook something involving cauliflower.

Got some blueberry hot cross buns so looking forward to those.

Planz n chatz??


How is that lovely pooch of yours? Are you able to go out for walks yet?

Saturday- kids are somewhere else this morning, so planning to start the day with a dog walk and breakfast visit to the coast. Need to run 10k at some point, and I might squeeze in a birdwatching trip to Hartlepool, because why not.


One more week!! Can’t wait…feel a bit housebound.

Currently, he is very chill. Spends a lot of time napping which is cute

Very photogenic as well


Morning all!

I slept terribly - The Child was awake at 4 and then 6.30 and I went to bed too late to begin with. I also forgot I’d defrosted some crumpets last night too.

Drama this morning followed by an appointment to look at bathroom fittings later. I’ll have to squeeze groceries, eating and computer games in between those.

Tea is going to be a version of Ching’s mango chicken from Chinese Food Made Easy.

I would be interested in HXB.

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Going to play a half of football and leave early to hotstep over to Manchester to see Fulham get absolutely pummeled by man City then drink beers etc. With some disers


Weekend off. In bed listening to the BCNR album. Today will be a low key affair. Do a walk, fly a kite, head into town after dark to see a light installation, take eldest for her first McDs for dinner.


Might go back to sleep for a bit, then the shopping is arriving and then it’s the biggest football event of this or any other year. Got absolutely nothing to do after that which is probably for the best.

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This feels a bit like one of those made up football stories about Brazilian footballers that Facebook keeps thinking I want to read.

@Kallgeese vs @Funkhouser

The battle of the boards.


Sheffield International vs Byron House or Man City vs Fulham?

Had a dream that I found a giant rabbit who behaved like a dog, it was so soft and cute and I was carrying it in those baby chest harnesses and people were staring.

Going to meet my PhD supervisor for the first time in nearly 2 years today, still haven’t met my other one, we were going to meet before but it fell through. Quite looking forward to it because she’s such a great person and we talk like friends as well as student/supervisor. Going to get my first braces consultation too :grimacing:



Off out to watch my daughter play football against her team’s arch rivals.

After that - big old dog walk, and meeting an old pal for burgers.

Morning. Walking to hengistbury head this morning and stopping off at a local cafe for a drink and a bacon/sausage butty.

May be making Foccacia later which I haven’t done before.


Neither. I meant this


Absolutely no plans. Contemplating park run but feel it might aggravate a minor injury

Gf is in a mood with me so should probably just go.

Nice down there. Weather over here in Winchester looks good, so hope it’s a lovely walk

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This photo of Ant’s is responsible


Guten Tag!

Going to take the dog for a quick walk.

Come back and run the clippers over me head.

Off to the football this afternoon. :wolf: :wolf:

I liked ‘I Try’ but couldn’t name another one of her songs.