Would you look at Tuesday

Three more sleeps! Having a vanilla milko.

Working today audit

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‘Working’, yeah

Morning Tilts

Having an absolute nightmare of it at the moment. A plumber has basically fucked my kitchen sink and I eventually had to tell him to leave yesterday. Charged over £200 and hasn’t finished the job. It’s all via Taskrabbit so can’t go to his superior. Argh.

Might start telling people I’m the first man in Britain to build a website entirely out of cheese


Wondering what possessed me when I said that if work needed me today, I could log in.

Gf has taken her car for its MOT at the garage she uses near her mum’s. I was all like “yeah I can do a day if it’s needed, won’t be doing anything else”.

That’s 6 hours of playing computer games and watching the expanse I’ve cost myself.

Managed to wake up by myself before the first alarm went off, feeling good about that. Proud almost.

Yeah actually working. Working right now. Morning all.

Milko Johnson?


I know it’s a tiny sector but really worried about the dance world, especially in this country. Has got me proper annoyed. Even right at the top it looks like ROH is starting to push increasing numbers of redundancies, and tbh at that level if you can work elsewhere you will so we’ll see a lot of talent up sticks.

At a smaller level it’s dire too - anything from Tory funding cuts to ballet schools relying on venues that are increasingly looking wobbly.

Like I say I’m under no illusion that the dance world is some kind of vital industry but… gah

Need to get out of bed and then I’m working, urgh.


Did you make this yourself?

I don’t think I’ve ever spent quite so long on such a bad joke


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


On the traditional festive 7.30-5.30 shift then it’s fucking Christmas.


No, there are other people calling milkshakes “Milko”, who happen to share an internet forum with people who have a working knowledge of 70s pub rock band members and a fondness for MS Paint.


I did think it looked like a professional job.

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Brought my laptop to bed, might even do a Teams call in my PJs, fuck it.

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Car update

Don’t wanna make you guys jealous but have found a PRETTY sexy 2011 Megane in ‘not terrible not great blue’ that has my name on it.

Goodbye sweet beige scenic. You were extraordinarily ugly

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