Would you look at Tuesday

Aw one of my rabbits has died :frowning:

RIP Hula

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aw, that’s sad news. So sorry for you all. Poor Hula :frowning:


Happened this morning apparently, not long after I’d gone out. Got back in half hour ago or so and my little bro was like "I’ve got some bad news ". She was a bit… lethargic (?) the last couple of days, but wasn’t expecting that. Was one of a pair we got to join our other one (Buzz) when her mate passed away about 2 years ago. Always a bit sad innit :frowning:

RIP Hula, eat all the malted milk biscuits you want up in bunny heaven.



Yeah even the one I thought was the real deal isn’t the real deal

I had something I saw that I really liked, and it took me a while to track down where it came from- a fashion student’s work that was probably never for sale in the first place.

God knows what I would have got, if anything.

this is my dutch teacher’s pig


Been doing training videos all day. Fucking worst part of my job

Your teacher who is Dutch, or your teacher of Dutch (or both!)? TELL ME MORE

both! but she lives in guatemala. I found her online

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Oh no. Poor little Hula, hope she’s found a massive bit of cardboard to nibble on.

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Oh wow. Dutch is baffling isn’t it?

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Big fan of breadsticks :rabbit:

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I think I remember my sibling talking about someone they know with a relative who is technically a sociopath. Iirc he’s a surgeon and it helps him being fairly emotionally detached from the people he’s working on.

Hoping I didn’t dream that

Super common amongst surgeons apparently

Getting adverts for Levis underwear on a website I look at often - (cyclingnews.com) - and oh boy they’re a real treat.

Looking pretty


I love it when lights are up ^▽^ Often like walking round the nearest village at dusk and it’s all pretty. One place has a teddy bear nativity scene set-up. Proper lovely

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The high street looks proper lovely this year

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Is that another pig on the right, or a different sort of animal? Is the whole house a menagerie, or is it just limited to one room?