Would you rather be told that something you'd done was

  • Not bad
  • Alright
  • Okay

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Not bad = bad
Not bad, not bad = quite good



Disagree, not bad means alright, good even


Yeh I’d agree with this.

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Not bad implies that you’ve exceeded their expectations. Alright/okay implies a sense of disappointment. (Tone dependent, of course)


Knew I could count on you m9!

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Recently I was told my potential for progress in my career was ‘quite high’ which I took as a bit of a downer. Feels like a similar thing to the question above

Always! :clap:

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‘Not bad’ sounds more like it’s better than they expected, whereas the other two are just a bit meh

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okay = has met a minimum threshold

not bad = has failed to meet a (higher) threshold