Would you rather have legs for fingers -

Or fingers for legs?

My little sister arrives and within 10 minutes this is the level of discourse.


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Fingers for legs, obviously. Piece o cake


Is it one giant finger, though? I was imagining a whole hands worth of fingers sprouting out of my pelvis.

Five giant fingers in the place of each leg. Perfect for off road activities

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Be amazing for rock climbing.

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I wonder if you could move faster too? Spiders have 8 legs and they are like greased whippets


Would you have to buy shoes for the 10 little legs on your hands?
Cos that would be annoying ans expensive. I dont think i could handle seeing 50 little toes


Imagine the nail varnish expense

Excellent point.

We were just talking about having to take the little socks and shoes off every evening and barleyshugs showed ne an example of what it would look like to wash between the little toes

He said you could use interdental floss sticks

fingers for legs, just get some prosthetic ones, done. I’m not dragging round ten legs with me all the time, I’d look silly.

Fingers become thumbs?