Would you rather

Always have all your electronic devices at 100% charge


Always buy the correct size clothing (even online) AND get next day delivery on everything (not free) AND something else which is around this standard

(Not a poll thread)



Your wish has been granted.

I’d have the first one please.

Have Old DiS back with nesting but with New DiS’s posters


Have New DiS


Neither would benefit my life that greatly but I will say no.1 to protect the environment.

The third one was the rise of the proletariat. Sorry.


Second pls.
I have major issues with the second and it’s just reminded me that I have to send a dress back to fucking Sweden

What in the devil’s name is this:

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I’m famously blase about my clothes sizes and it’s well known that I own the same type of H&M pants in all three of the available sizes and just wear whichever ones I pick from the drawer in the morning regardless of whether they’re S, M or L.

With that in mind it may interest you to know that I bought two pairs of footwear on Saturday, one pair was a size 8 and the other was a size 9. Doesn’t really make any difference.

i’ll go with 100% charge

having ill-fitting clothes is part of my personal brand

So you can expand and contract to whatever size clothing/footwear you have on? This is superhero stuff. Like Antman and someone who is bigman all in one.

Win some, lose some.

I don’t think I can do that, I just think that my tolerance for considering that something “doesn’t fit” is very, very low.

If the next-day delivery was free then yeah, as it is I don’t see how I don’t already have the second option.


Oh well I am copyrighting (fuck off @epimer) that idea for a superhero. Someone get me Stan Lee on line 3.

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I just saw on Twitter that they’re making an Antman and The Wasp film and I didn’t really know about either of those people

Maybe The Wasp can get really big wearing big clothes (he’s rich and from NY)

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White Anglo Saxon Protestant