Would you say window glass is invisible

if we accept invisibility is one step up from transparency. transparent implies you can still see the thing you are looking through, like a pint glass etc. you cannot see a window unless there is a frame or some dirt on it or light reflecting from it.

stop believeing the lies.

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You can only see anything if there is light reflecting from it.



Most glass is visible. Some particularly good glass is invisible from particular angles

There’s probably loads of invisible shit that we just can’t see!


Tell that to the pigeon bastards crashing into the office windows

if you see a chameleon does this mean the chameleon is a failure

It means he/she is brazen.

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Always think this of sound/infra/radio/micro waves (not science ovens)

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they have designs on our dominion of the earth. brazen designs.

But how many are we not seeing!?

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I agree with ghosthalo

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Ive got a scar on my nose from walking through a glass door so id say yes

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Well look at Professor Physics here.

literally invisible killers :frowning: something must be done about these “family homes”

Jonathan Franzen should try to get them banned.

This thread is really expanding my brain into realms I didn’t think were possible

Yet my bird crash helmet company sank like a stone


I’ve never really thought about this but it’s really sad

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All glass has a slight tint to it. It varies due to its iron content and even ‘clear’ and low iron glass will be slightly green.


i think marckee is in the pay of Big Window