Would you say you're generally a quiet/loud person

Like in general? If you look at volume, general demeanour etc, would someone describe you as…

  • Quiet
  • Loud
  • People wouldn’t describe me as either of these things

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No ‘it depends’ or anything please, you know exactly what I mean so get off the fence.

Very very loud


Either silent or doesn’t shut up.

No in-betweens, no self-discipline.

If you know me as the former, then I’m not comfortable around you.
If you know me as the latter, then I like you.


I’m loud but generally much prefer/can only work in quiet areas

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I’m a wallflower and yet to see the perks


How close would you say your demeanour on here is to real life?

  • Exactly the same
  • Slightly toned down
  • Toned all the way down
  • Slightly toned up
  • Toned all the way up

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offtopic but is the video from your picture still online? I remember howling at that a few years ago.

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Somewhat loud, but often it’s cos I have minor hearing damage from too much live music when I was younger and struggle to moderate myself as a result.

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bless you, this has made my day

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I’m so quiet I wouldn’t even answer

Definitely veer from being quite quiet to very loud. Bit like The Pixies…


Really into volume and banter.

Only when I’m on good form though. Need a day or two to recovery from a really solid evening of banter and volume.

Me and @safebruv make an absolutely unbearable duo

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More or less an elective mute.

man i am loud as fuck

I can play either part depending on the group, IT DEPENDS


Even quieter in real life.

was thinking about it the other day - I think I come across as quite a loud person on dis, but I’m definitely a lot more quiet and more of an introvert in real life, even with my closest friends. Think I have this weird online loutish alterego. It’s a good outlet for that tbh.


I think I’m a bit of a mirror of whoever I’m with. Generally in my own head but find a lot of energy around people who give it out.

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