Would you send your kids to private school

And why?


No, I would hate for them to have the opportunities that I was never allowed

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Imagine their friends. And their friends parents.

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well I went to private school and I turned out alright!!!1

because it’s immoral and in my case completely unnecessary and standards and curriculum are not necessarily great and I would be breeding little elitists who won’t understand the world properly


Are you gonna though?

as if i’d ever be able to afford to
as if any child of mine would pass for a toff

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i went to private school but i wouldn’t send my kids to one

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fuck no, well expensive innit!!1 and lotttttts of twats, but lots of twats everywhere arent there hun

I think so, I live in London


No. I would just use my financial freedom to move to the catchment area of a good state school and give my kids an advantage over the local thickos by deluging them with books, forcing them to speak French at the dinner table, making them watch BBC4 all the time and taking them on improving holidays to sites of major cultural significance.


Where’s the poll?

And no. Even if I had £££££ and as much as I hate the general public and think they are idiots, think I’d rather send my kids to normal school like normal people.

Not got much experience of the subject, but I’m assuming that all private schools are complete twat-magnets aren’t they?

And get them to read the political threads on DiS


  • even if we could afford the fees, we wouldn’t be able to afford all of the extra-curricular hi-jinks;
  • even if we could afford both, a private school would find excuses not to accept my eldest as (subject to formal diagnosis) she has autism and exhibits some rather challenging behaviours;
  • even if they would accept her, I think she’d be better-served in a state school;
  • even if we had two neurotypical children and limitless resources, I wouldn’t feel particularly morally comfortable with the choice.

Too right. And I’d make them argue with GEOFF to boot. Even if they agreed with him.

If i had the choice between sending my child to a private school and a really terrible comprehensive, and those were the only two options, I’d go private, yes.