Would you take a pill that made you 10% less cynical?


I don’t think there is one though.


Wouldn’t work


Is your heart not in it?


Yeah, definitely


Yeah, I’m up for it.

@epimer, patent this mother fucker for me tout suite


This forum has been really bad at paying my bills, so I’m going to need payment in advance this time. Nintendo credit is fine.


I’m very cynical, as you know.

so yes


I’d take seven.


You can have 2.5% of future profits. I am garnering some interest as you can well see.


People genuinely try this.


Sounds like someone needs an anti-cynicism pill


would that make you 52% less cynical than you were originally?


Chill out, John Maths


and be 0% cynical? I’d be too open and trusting!


Exactly. Just enough to tip the scales back to optimism.


Would there be a come down the next day that wud make you very cynical indeed?


The church would probably be interested


Idk. In some ways it’s nice not to be cynical, isn’t it? My ex was completely non-cynical and it was kind of refreshing, especially as I am pretty cynical and tend to assume the worst. Maybe I should change my outlook a bit, perhaps it would make me a happier person.


I try to be nice but I’m such a cynical and miserable person it can really undercut everything else.


Impossible to completely wipe out one’s cynicism with these fucking things.