Would you take a pill that made you 10% less cynical?

I don’t think there is one though.

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Wouldn’t work


Is your heart not in it?

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Yeah, definitely

Yeah, I’m up for it.

@epimer, patent this mother fucker for me tout suite

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This forum has been really bad at paying my bills, so I’m going to need payment in advance this time. Nintendo credit is fine.

I’d take seven.

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You can have 2.5% of future profits. I am garnering some interest as you can well see.

People genuinely try this.

Sounds like someone needs an anti-cynicism pill

would that make you 52% less cynical than you were originally?

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Chill out, John Maths

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Exactly. Just enough to tip the scales back to optimism.

Would there be a come down the next day that wud make you very cynical indeed?

The church would probably be interested

I try to be nice but I’m such a cynical and miserable person it can really undercut everything else.

Impossible to completely wipe out one’s cynicism with these fucking things.

Don’t need it thanks.

Don’t need gets

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