Would you tell your mate if you knew his girlfriend was cheating on him?

depends on closeness of mate i guess but what if you 100% knew? is it right to interfere or should you give her the chance to tell him?

and what if she doesn’t fess up should you say summat then?

Sounds like one of those plots in EastEnders where two characters have the same conversation every episode for weeks.


that’s what i said!

Yeah, probably.


Yes. No brainer for me.

Depends. Am I the person she’s cheating on him with?


Come on, let’s try and keep this realistic.


Dunno really.

I found out that one of my atds was cheating on his wife with someone I used to live with and I confronted him about it, if that helps.

Depends. I told an ATD and she made excuses for him and didn’t break up with him until several months later. I think both of us would have been better off with me saying nothing.

Got to judge the person and the relationship first innit.

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I’d tell him even if she wasn’t!
Can’t be too careful


Ooof. Is there a new thread for cataloging when people have done other people there?

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Let’s keep it realistic

gonna have to go with…


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i’d give her an oppurntunity to tell him before i did within a time frame of say a day tops


this is a situation completely fraught with danger - if it’s one you’re currently in then you have my deepest sympathies


yeah same here. I’d confront her first.

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that could work

but equally it could go horribly, horribly wrong

interfering in other people’s relationships is almost always a path to disaster

Cheating is almost always a path to disaster.

well actually I didn’t discover it another mate did and he came to me with this quandary so I came to you guys. and now the quandary has spread so we are all complicit in a sense.

I mean

what if she denies it?
What if she turns on you to your mate and forces a wedge between you? Accuses you of trying to split them up?
What if she’s just having a fling and in that fling realises that she really actually loves your mate & goes back to him but due to the fall out of the interference they break up or she’s pressured to pick a side?
What if your mate & her have a secret agreement that they’re not monogamous?
What if you find out something about their relationship or about your friend that you really don’t want to know?

there’s a lot of maelstrom in opening that Pandora’s box