Would you want to live in the postcode in which you were born



As an adult. And by born in i mean the first home you had.

I was e14 which is ok I guess

  • Yes
  • No

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Bishopstoke :grimacing:

Although they do have a craft beer pub now :thinking:


Guildford. I’d be okay with that tbh.


82101? Yes of course


Good lord of fuck, no!

Small town hellhole, Derbyshire.





I was E13 so also ok.
Not ideal but ok.


PO16? Was alright I guess. Has a nice castle.


RG1. No.

Possibly RG8 or RG9 as they are outside of Berkshire.


LN2 (which is also liquid nitrogen).



ML6. Fuck no.


Medway Towns in Kent. No way, not ever.


Wouldn’t want to live in the one I first lived in. Was born in G1 though, that would be alright.


I don’t actually know. We lived in athens and i don’t know enough about it to know if I’d want to live in that area.


(my inevitable fate no doubt anyway)


Could think of worse places to live but I’d rather not thanks.


Also RG1 and also no.



No thank you sir. See you later sir.


MK6 ? nope


There is really nothing very appealing about the actual postcode I was born in (BL9) but there are worse places to live I guess

I wouldn’t mind living somewhere a bit nicer in the Greater Manchester area though