Wow theres new people signing up!


Introduce yourselves here pls if you want





Long-time lurker and would-be DIS contributor/reviewer, I signed up to the new forum after receiving a very polite invite this morning, from a Mr. Sean?

Just wanted to say I appreciate all the good work you people do, especially the links to new music and daily passive-aggressive football chat.


Too polite. Delete him, pniks.



Lurked for years, might as well get involved


hi dingbat


Hello, new friends!

I hope you all like what you see here and join in with us! This is a great community and I think you’ll all have a lot of fun :slight_smile: x


Does this mean I have to be bad cop?






I like this kid already!


hi dingbat

is it okay if we call you dingers?

well, too late


SLAMS a pot of beeves on the stove to simmer.


hello I am called japes


Absolutely nikkers


Anything we can do to stop xylopwn posting that parks and rec thing?




Balonz what the hell? We’ve spent years building trust, you and I. Never beeved. What a way to start the forum.


Shhh, I’m trying to look alpha in front of the new users


Massage image?