Sounds good. Be better as a stew or curry rather than a soup but sounds damn good.

Still grieving over forgetting to get macaroni pies when we were up in Scotland :cry:

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Co-op sweet potato burgers, couldn’t be arsed going the shops for buns so used bagels.

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Watching that Aaron Hernandez doc

GRT oven baked ratatouille.

It was alright, too much salt though. Got R to eat it though, so that was good.

Hi chums,

My little sister is coming over tonight. She requested fajitas so she’s getting fajitas :blush:
We also bought a silly looking Millionaires Cheesecake from Lidl.
Might play a game, might just chat on the sofa and listen to music all eve. WHO KNOWS?

Kthxbye x

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Jacket potato probably.

Is this the evening thread, btw?

I think it’s the peanuts in most of the recipes I’ve seen that put me off, although I’d be need shrimp paste too.

I’ve bookmarked that though.

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This is contingent on @bugduv’s vote and bugduvs vote alone, imho.

How many excuses do you have to get out of the washing up?

I swear, i washed up after dinner last night, so there were about 5 items to wash up, and finally for the first time this year i managed to get that gnome to do the washing up, in return for me going out in the cold to get what we had forgotten for dinner. In the process, she managed to forget she was filling the sink, which i found almost brimming over, before then emptying the almost clean water out after cleaning those five things, before she washed up Winnie’s wet food bowl. She’s now listing out the reasons why i have to wash the bowl.

  • Well, yeah, from thw sounds of it, it’s your turn to wash up Winnie’s wet food bowl
  • Come on, Gnome, just one more thing and you probably won’t have to touch another dirty dish this winter
  • She’s very gifted, that gnome
  • In the time it took you to write this poll you could have done it yourself.
  • Poor Winnie must be starving.

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BRB reading the rest of your post.

Probably do the pots once a fortnight. Just leave them to pile up until i run out of things to use. Worst household job by far.


How many times a week do you forget to wash up Winnies bowl(s) and I stomp into the kitchen and do it cos I love her more than you do ?!?!

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Half a time per week

Walked home somewhat underdressed and even though I’m home now I am still absolutely freezing.

I’ll have a Smarties McFlurry please.

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don’t like that counter

Quite telling that you put ‘Winnies wet bowl’…
She has two bowls and she likes them both clean.