WPM (post needs to be 5 characters)

i got 83 wpm. :nerd:

this happened to someone i know:

That is a lot of wanks per month.



Didn’t she used to post on DiS?

did she?! news to me!

Or maybe she’s just friends with quite a few (ex-)DiSers.

I dunno.

It’s a small world…



nothing mate, was just trying to be a bantersaurus rex.

thanks Eric ‘Buzzfeed’ The Fourth

oh wait it actually was on buzzfeed too!

The entire article looks like an advert for typera

no problem at all, dickhead

Your score: 315 CPM (that is 63 WPM)

Your score beats or equals 82.74% of all.

In reality, you typed 339 CPM, but you made 4 mistakes (out of 65 words), which were not counted in the corrected scores.

Your mistakes were:

Instead of “build”, you typed “gbuild”.
Instead of “leave”, you typed “leae”.
Instead of “center”, you typed “centre”.
Instead of “has”, you typed “hasw”.

You American spelling fucks: that IS how you spell centre.


it’s a good place to hone your typing skillz