WR vs LME: May 2019 edition


  • Friday 10/05
  • 6pm onwards
  • Craft Beer Co Angel

Please note that the following poll is PUBLIC.

  • I’m in!
  • Might have to clean my fridge that day, will get back to you
  • Nah think I’ll pass m9

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:norway: :uk:

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On a more serious note I’m around from Weds afternoon until Sunday. Have a couple of meetings but mostly my plan is to hang out with good people in nice places.

I’m away then and can’t make it, but I don’t like that the only applicable option in the poll implies that I’m not interested in a meat.


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Will be staying near Paddington so can easily get ANYWHERE.

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I think I’m away from the Friday but will try and meat you midweek if there’s something going on :+1:

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I will be at The Great Escape unfortunately

Could meet for a drink on weds evening before dEUS?

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It’s possible. We’re at a veggie BBQ and then off to see Spanish Love Songs in New Cross that weekend, though. Also, much more RME, than LME.



Do they have a beer garden?

I don’t get it. Sorry.

R for Reading


As @anon50098204 correctly noted, it’s for Reading, on account of the fact that I’m RME, a fierce yet often dwarfed and in no way fierce rival of the LME.


They have two outdoor spaces, a yard on the side and a few tables in front of the pub.

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If anyone is free on the Saturday then I’m running my London tournament near Aldgate East…

Struggling to reach previous years’ numbers because it was originally meant to be run by someone else who was wildly incompetent and useless. By the time I took over it was 2 months later than I’ve previously announced it :unamused:

(Might pop in to say hi for drinks on way to Airbnb but I’m with the lads that night)

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Gonna make u all draw a horse after 6 pints. Then we’ll see. Then we’ll fucking see


Yeah we could arrange to stay at someone’s house on Friday and then we’d be in London already on Sat for all that. Could offer to help prep the veggie BBQ as I feel bad we have to leave early.


alright, I’ll update my vote then.

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