Wrapping Presents


Usually wrap xmas presents rough as fuck on Xmas morning to add to this effect.

I think it is the height with the ironing board which helps too. A standing desk would probably be better for extra sturdiness.

Can you not just sit down at the table? I don’t know, maybe our table is just a good height for me. (I tend to use the floor, TBH, but that’s often because I have to wrap the presents in secret so the ironing board makes more sense in that context.)

I lie on the bed to do it, that helps the knee problem. It’s the taping bit that frustrates me. The key is good quality sellotape that you can find the end of.

One of these helps

Luckily my wife loves wrapping presents so I rarely have to - but there’s no escaping it when its her birthday, christmas or other sundry times.

All part of our “charm”.

Just ordered me one of these mothers:

I’m really good at it - but it takes ages
Wish I’d never bothered to make any effort at all, would have saved me a lot of time over the years

I also do overly elaborate ‘happy birthday’ illustrations in cards which takes ages as well, but once you start doing that shit you can’t really stop


Pretty sure no one gives a shit either

What I dislike is the really good quality wrapping paper, which is too thick and so is difficult to stick down (fine if you have a large area to stick, not so good if you are running a bit low on paper)

Also don’t like the too thin stuff that just rips on tight folds, but at least that is really cheap