It’s fucking difficult, isn’t it!!:gift::gift::gift:


My name’s epimer and I’m here to say


My name’s CCB and I’m here to say
I finished my wrapping yesterday!


shite waste of time and i hate doing it


always try and fold the paper before i stick it down to make it neat and it ends up ripping the paper

used kraft paper this year and went OTT with gold stickers, glitter washi tape and metallic snowflake stamps.


I knew there would be at least one donut with no street cred
Who’d try and make a rap along to this thread


Yip, ripped a load of paper tonight.

I’m awful at this!!


I am so bad at it


Really wanted to get my youngest a bike so we could comedy wrap it, but logistics prevented that. Got to wrap a football though.

Solo wrapping us z pain, have to get Mr S to be my getting the sticky tape prepped helper


Wrapping a football sounds harder than solving the Middle East crisis.



If it transpires that the Catholic lads are right and purgatory’s a thing mine will be spent wrapping oddly shaped gifts. Had to wrap a mug with a box of chocolates in it this year, almost had an aneurysm.


Fucking great feeling though when you are cutting the paper and the scissors glide and slice right through


Wouldn’t know pal, I’m left handed. I might as well rip the paper with my hands for all the good a pair of scissors do.

I’ll be damned if I have to buy any special needs implements for the one time of the year I have to cut paper.


this is what i live for


heavy fabric scissors on 99p wrapping paper



still freaks my nut out how useless i am with right handed scissors. shouldn’t be that difficult


I’ve just spent ten minutes wrapping up a bar of chocolate. I have 20+ presents still to wrap. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.


Not only have I done all my wrapping I have also released onto Facebook the epic joke that I’m thinking of changing my name to Honey G because I’m a shit wrapper.

I’m getting acclaim (from the friends of my distant acquaintances).


I actually love wrapping presents. I find it therapeutic and I do a good job at it.