WRESTLEMANIA 36 (and rolling spring Wrestling, fwiw) THREAD!

This will probably be the permanent segue into 2-day Manias, won’t it? Can see them putting the HoF on a Friday and merging some NXT matches in now they’re a “proper” brand, but there’s simply far too many matches to sustain 1 night. Will be nice for them to have this as a dry run.
It’ll be better all round if they do, not just from a ticket sale perspective, but being able to run 2 nights (or 3 if you count Raw afterwards) you can fulfil a much more complicated story arc. If wwe did stories anymore…


Yeah was thinking this the other day, definitely a good thing going forward given WK has already done it for similar reasons

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Imagine booking a Pirate themed Wrestlemania and not having Kairi Sane standing tall with a belt as the closing image.


I mean, the pirate thing is pretty incidental now it’s not in Tampa but sure :wink:

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Of course Jericho can just naturally insert himself into the Broken Universe



Is this official? :sweat_smile:

Release the Hounds had me actually lol

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He’s so fucking good

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It is!

Along with this one




2 and a bit til the pre-show!

God, imagine being on the pre-show of a 2 night Mania

They’ve announced it :joy:

Cesaro vs Gulak tonight :+1:
Natalya vs Morgan tomorrow. :fearful:

Watched some of summerslam 2000. TLC and benoit - jericho are so good. Main event is an overbooked mess but also very fun

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Cesaro could be fun tonight

I’m just really curious about how they’re going to do this, they’ve got an opportunity to go all out and do some crazy stuff.

Obviously they’ll just do the same thing as usual but without a crowd though

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Wont be streaming the video here but we will be using this room for chat room antics during the PPV. You can use your phone with the discord app if you’re planning to fullscreen it. Reckon this show will need the extra social fun

What times kickoff and how long are we expecting tonight’s show to run?

I think the kick off is 11pm. The main show starts at 12 and is shceduled to end at 3am

Grand. I’ll join for an amount of it