Wretched Wednesday Thread

I hate elections

But threads for you-know-what assume you have a PhD in politics. They’re scary!

Still got a headache from massive amounts of crying yesterday morning. Got silly amounts of stuff to fit in today.

I’ve just waded in with a crude cricket analogy and I don’t seem to have got it too far wrong. (There are massive chunks of US politics that I really don’t understand)

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How did everyone sleep then?

  • Beautifully
  • Okay
  • Not great
  • Terribly
  • Not a wink

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Ah hate politics.

Very brief

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So tired :worried:

Like a baby

Shat myself and woke up screaming

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Woke up in the night convinced that I’d forgotten to actually apply for the job they’ve said I’ll get if I put an application in so had to fire up the work laptop at 4.45 am to check.

How early is too early with Christmas. Might buy some Christmas bedding.
Need something fun but I think i might ruin Christmas by going too hard on Christmas

Never too early. Already done 90% of my present shopping, all wrapping paper and cards etc and got the festive bedding ready to go on. Hitting Christmas hard this year.

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Been on the lebkuchen and mince pies for weeks.

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I’ve been wearing Xmas pyjamas for a week or so now, they were too comfy to wait for.

Our Xmas bedding is on but it’s very vaguely Xmas, ita more more winter in a log cabin bedding. If it was full on Xmas themed I’d hold off until Dec 1st


Everything’s on fire at work, my hangover is coming in strong, hold me

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Someone’s just badly started playing saxophone next door


Hold on they might be drilling. Was close to just setting fire and it the flat and walking away

Slept really hard, just a total crash out, and yet! Never enough is it. Still always a wrench when the alarm goes off.

I’ve have a hard time staying asleep through the night so starting to take this CBD spray thing, hopefully that helps.

Pretty upset; third call I’ve had in 14 days asking me if I want to book an appointment for my procedure at the hospital. Each time I have said yes and been given a date and time. Then I get told it was never booked and there’s now a new date :frowning: what the fuck.