Writing in to TV shows


Ever do this?

When I was about 7, I wrote a letter to Jim 'll Fix It asking to have my teacher at school killed. I’d run the idea past my parents and to my surprise, they not only didn’t have a problem with the idea, but thought it was great and helped me write it. In retrospect, I realise that they did not share my enthusiasm for the same reason. Never got a reply, which was a shame.

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A formative moment in my life, who know how I would have turned out had I not been let down by the really wild show


On my birthday too


State of that signature


ron was notorious for not handing best wishes out lightly so that’s actually a bit of a result there

(don’t know who ron is)




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Mate, that’s the legendary J. E NCDade you’re slating!

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I also wrote to Jim’ll Fix It. I found out that Madonna was the same age as my parents and I decided my life would be much better if she was my mum rather than my actual mum. I wrote to Jim to ask if he would fix it for me to be adopted by Madonna. I didn’t receive a reply and I was not adopted by Madonna.

On a separate occasion I wrote to Jim to ask if he would fix it for me to have Nancy Wilson from Heart’s wardrobe (I was an odd child). Again, Jim did not fix it.


I wanted to writr to neil buchanan but never git round to it. Had his filofax tho


Real 90s kids remember Bitsa, the make-your-own-art show presented by two people who clearly went to Glastonbury’s healing fields every year. I wrote a nice letter to them both and made my mum send in an SAE (remember those?) for a 50 page photocopied pack of things to make. It took six months to arrive.

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Imagine not being adopted by Madonna. That’s a snubbing right there.

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