Writing Thread

Writing things? Have written things? Want to write things? Things. Good writing, that.

Not sure there’s any demand for this thread, but let’s see…

I’ve had a few aborted attempts at writing an idea I’ve had for a couple of years. It’s never quite left me, and somehow seems to have refined itself in my mind into something coherent and workable.

I’m not very good at the process of writing. So far all I have is a couple of dozen pages of thoughts, sometimes a word, sometimes a paragraph. I can’t work out at the moment whether to start at an interesting point and tell the prior happenings in narration (it’s first person past tense), or whether to start earlier and keep it linear. I suppose at this point it’s better to just start whichever way, and sort it later if it doesn’t seem to work.

Also really struggling to get a feel for a character who is essential to the story. Perhaps it doesn’t matter so much with first person narration, as they’re necessarily coloured by the narrator’s view, but I think I ought to understand them more than I do at present.


I think I’m getting better but it’s taken a while. I’ve been writing a script, which has been a bit of a challenge because I think my brain finds atmosphere easier than structure.

The sticking with it advice is good advice though

would podcast scripts count as writing

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If it’s structuring words, it’s writing

is definitely what I tell myself when self-justifying the amount of time I spend typing stuff here

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I should write my dissertation into a proper book - about my suburb and mapping out my personal transitions through its houses.

I’m writing one about the history, redevelopment and gentrification of Manchester’s Northern Quarter called Our Fucking Detroit.

I’m also writing bits that are more about the city but in the same creative non-fiction way my dissertation was (my MA was Place Writing - think Nan Shepherd/Robert McFarlane/Amy Liptrot etc)

Was itching to write all day today but by the time I finish bedtime with M I just CBA, and I have literally no time at any other point in the day, endlessly frustrating, but I always make notes on my phone when I’m walking as walking gives me most of my inspiration.


If I get around to actually writing it properly at some point, I would love for some feedback every now and then! Going to try and post an update in this thread once a week for encouragement. Think even if nobody would ever read it I would get a sense of satisfaction from completing a novel.


I have a Creative Writing degree but I can’t say I’ve written anything more than a short-lived football and food blog (Coq and Balls) in the 12 years since I graduated.


used to go to a writing group where we’d submit pieces for critique. useful and cool. always nerve wracking your first time or if sharing something personal.

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Does anyone else here attempt to write poetry/lyrics? just me? I prefer trying to write poetry/lyrics to writing fiction - I suppose since it seems easier to write. It (poetry) doesn’t have to make ‘sense’, plus, I’m pretty useless at creating convincing characters or plot.


Welcome @spiral-bait! I love writing poetry.

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I did but wasn’t any good - the style of writing I do now allows for being rubbish at plot/characters and you can still be creative even though it’s nonfiction.


that’s a great point Scout, place writing is really interesting. Nearly did that sort of thing as focus of a masters - but ended up dropping out! - still, love writing about cities.

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I write for a living, albeit nothing too creative. I enjoy it though. I have written a sitcom script that I am now trying to get someone, anyone, to read, so sending that out to competitions and production companies. I tried to start writing a novel earlier this year, but realised that was probably a step too far, so I am going to try some short stories first. With these, I would be more than happy to swap and feedback with people on here.

In terms of motivation, I find it’s like anything in my life. It’s difficult to start, but once I force myself to do it, it flows out and does wonders for my mental health.


Inspired by this thread I reread my dissertation last night. Spotted two typos and a bit that just doesn’t link properly to the following chapter :sob:

But…I like it more than I did a few weeks ago.

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What I really struggle with writing for a living (not creatively) is how our organisation doesn’t really have a department for it so it’s a marketing team and then me, on a more sort of journalist end of the spectrum. By default I’m sort of the expert (lol) but then I write something that I know to be really good and 8 other people from random departments who aren’t writers or editors then comment and feedback and I have to turn a good piece into a less good piece at their behest. I’m fine with feedback but not when it’s poorly informed stuff.

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I get this all the time. I’m the “content marketer” which here means “words guy” but every time I write anything it’s ripped apart by whichever department is using it. And I used to be a journo, I’m used to be edited, I’m not precious about my work and I’m fine with feedback and changing things, but it’s really frustrating when I write something and it’s turned into something totally different… like why did you even want me to contribute? Do it yourself.

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Same. People absolutely fucking love the Google docs comment function here. Especially infuriarating when they outsource to an agency to write a press release which then comes back, is changed by marketing et al, then I’m asked to rewrite it, then send it back to the agency who then get paid a small fortune for effectively typing up my article. Just let me do it in the first place (and pay me more money).

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Happily accepted

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did anyone else do that “Write-in for Writing’s Sake” thing a dew years ago? I had a go - wrote some absolute shite that I’d be embarrassed to re-read.

(To be honest this is my go-to reaction when I think about anything creative I’ve ever done, lol)