Writing Thread

I know you’re right, but I think the knowledge that I’d have to read whatever I write out loud tomorrow is making me second guess myself :smiley:

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It’s gonna be helpful and you’re great x

Does anyone know of any good places written things can retire to? I’ve been writing stories for a while now and I’m starting to feel the need to justify them to the people around me (and probably to myself while I’m at it)! I have tried to investigate the right sort of spaces for them before but my interest quickly plummets and it’s not my forte anyway, so I was wondering if anyone more adept could point me in the right direction? How do you go about it?

Think it depends on what you want - there are competitions which there is some cache in placing in and you might get published in a nice anthology or something, but you have to pay to enter them and be prepared for lots of rejection (no matter how good your stuff is).

There’s also lots of web zines and things like that where you’re more likely to get published in - either because they’re publishing pretty frequently so can put lots of work out there or they’re looking for something specific / niche. With those, I think it’s a case of checking them out and seeing if you like the way they do things.

This is a pretty useful list that is regularly refreshed with places that are currently looking for work (though it is everything, so you might need to skim through discounting all the niches you don’t fall into):

I should also say that I am not the right person to give this advice because I’m terrible at submitting stuff - I have one writing friend who is amazing at getting his stuff out there, I think he’s just very organised (has a s/sheet to keep track of it) and submits the shit out of all his work. Probably best to be more like him than me - though on the other hand, it’s your work and you don’t want to give it away too cheaply, so don’t submit to anywhere you don’t think will do your work justice.

TLDR: check out that list, get yourself out there, good luck :slight_smile:

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That’s really informative, thank you! Yeah, it’s hard to satisfy both the need to have a little self-respect and the desperation to be read! Hard to know which way to go. I’ll have a little look-see at that site and see if anything catches my eye!

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