Writing to your MP

Have you ever? How often do you do it?

I write to my local MP quite frequently now because he’s a repulsive slimy ex UKIP bastard (Craig Mackinlay) who is always on the wrong side of everything, doesn’t care about anyone and usually makes some offensive comment along the way. I know I’m not going to change his mind about anything, it’s just good to create work for him, knowing he’s obliged to reply.

Previous MPs include David Lammy and Caroline Lucas. I don’t think I ever personally wrote to them, because they were always really on the ball about issues.


Wrote to my mp to tell him I was binning off my labour membership because Keir Starmer is a massive bellend. That was the only time I’ve done it

I most recently wrote to my MP (Kevin Brennan) about condemning Trump’s response to the BLM protests and the sale of arms to US police forces - I got an amazing, well thought out reply that far exceeded my expectations tbf. Think it’s worth doing anyway, if I had a worse MP I’d write to them more.


Nope. Current one is a total non-entity Labour MP

No point

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Never wrote to one but a now retired Labour MP came to my door once asking if I wanted anything done in the neighbourhood - mentioned our bin sheds were getting ransacked and he promised to get locks out on them. He did, and kept me informed by letter the whole way. I was quite impressed by the whole experience


I’ve written to MSPs a few times, usually about upcoming Parliamentary votes.

I’ve never written to an MP as, until fairly recently, it was Ian Murray so there wouldn’t have been any fucking point.

Wrote to Thangam Debbonaire* to complain that Labour supporting furlough payments rather than a nationwide moratorium on rent and mortgage payments was short-sighted policy making and ultimately a huge cash-grab for the rich. Got a reply that was essentially the same soundbites from the interview that prompted my complaint.

*She is my MP but I was writing to her more in her capacity as Shadow Housing and Homelessness Secretary

Literally facebook friends with my MP where I used to live and whatsapp him sometimes, because when I met him he’d not yet stood as parliamentary candidate and was one of the first people to talk to me in my CLP, but by all accounts he’s a GBoMP now. Momentum, obviously.]

Just moved into a Tory hellhole, so might start writing letters to complain about Just Fucking Everything. Thanks for the reminder!

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I wrote to a couple of MPs last month after my boss told everyone in the company to, trying to get more support for our sector. The Labour MP for where I live never got back to me, but I’ve got a Zoom call next week with the Tory MP for the place where the office is.

My constituency is massively gerrymandered- it makes no geographical sense. They split Margate in half, and attached my half + Ramsgate (ie where Labour voters in the area live) to a load of villages round by Sandwich full of old people. The other half was then put with a load of other villages full of bungalows of old people in the opposite direction.

wouldn’t dare

Mine is pure tory scum, always voting the evil way. Fuck you bob blackman. Haven’t written to him and don’t think it would make a difference if I did


Very rarely.

Most recently to ask my MP to vote for the Costa amendment when it looked like the Withdrawal Agreement was going to fail and EU citizens could end up without any rights.

The Costa amendment went through on the nod (even though that didn’t matter in the end) and she did write back a few weeks later, sharing many of my concerns. She’s a great MP.

Reckon it would be impossible to get a few sentences in without calling him a massive cunt. Or a vulture-faced arsehole. Or like Mr Burns, but more evil.


There are formal letter writing ways of phrasing all of those sentiments.

“Dear Mr Bone” in this case

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I frequently contact mine out of pure spite at what an arsehole he is, knowing that he has to reply to me


I’ve written to my MP a number of times but it’s a depressingly useless endeavour. He’s a career politician interminably parroting the party line.

it won’t be him replying though, will it? Probably some member of his family he has employed on some expenses swizz

I think he dictates the replies, because they are generally pretty rude Tory Bastard type things, not just bland secretary replies.