Wrongest Record Reviews

As always, my answer is this:

Original score was U.2 :face_vomiting: , now updated to an 8.2. The review has been left absolutely the same otherwise so it now makes no sense. I mean, this is exactly how you would expect an 8.2 album review to finish, right?

Do You Like Rock Music? sounds empty at its core, with a rock where its heart should be.



my theory with Be Here Now reviews is that all the reviews were written after 1 or 2 listens, under the influence of just as much sniff as the band were when recording

that record literally sounds like cocaine - very clean and all the treble in the world

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People lost their minds when that record came out. There was so much hype. I queued up to buy it on release day like thousands of others.

I think there was a huge element of the music press burying their heads in the sand. They’d instigated the hype. The album release was on the national news as the first story. No-one wanted to believe it was shite. But shite it is.

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I think this is more common than people will ever admit, it’s very easy to hype and will yourself into thinking something is better than it is

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yeah Kid A/Amnesiac were received quite poorly critically and commercially in general originally. It was only as the decade rumbled on that people started to recognise how great/important they are

The Everlasting Gaze is probably my favourite production on a Pumpkins track