wr's rolling thread for OSLO/NORWAY advice 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

Hi WR! We are thinking of coming to Tromsø in October.

Is it worth the £££ and what would you recommend round there?? Xx

Tromsø is really good! Never been that time of year, but I go every January for the film festival. There’s a ridiculous amount of bars for a small city, so you have that part covered. There’s lots of outdoorsy things to do there too, like dogsledding, northern light spotting, etc. But I’ve never done any of that stuff, so you’d be better off contacting/googling one of the many tourist centres they have there.

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Excellent thank you!

It’s a small city which makes it easy to get to know the place etc, but it still feels quite big in that it has everything you’d expect a bigger city to have. Lovely place.

Hello Wr, thanks for the thread.

Is there anything viking related other than the boat museum in Oslo/surrounding area.

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Went up Holmenkollen sky lift last time I went which was kinda fun.

And a nice train ride near Voss.

It is mainly that one tbh, which I keep meaning to back to as I got fed up with it from school trips etc back in the day. But they do recommend a “Viking road trip” on this website:

But speaking of museums and old-timey things, I would really recommend making a day out of visiting this one:


Loads of different things to check out all relating to how people have lived in Norway through the ages, and they’ve collected old buildings etc from around the country. And nearby there are a couple of lovely beaches!

Oh and @Unlucky you asked about accommodation as well. I don’t really know that many places by personal experience as I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a hotel in Oslo. I walk past a Comfort Hotel Xpress in Møllergata all the time which looks nice, but their website wouldn’t load just now so I don’t know how the prices are. If you’re looking for an Airbnb or whatever I would generally look around the Grünerløkka area and its surroundings. Again, as stated upthread, central East is better than central West.

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I booked somewhere the other day but thanks :slight_smile:

Cool! What area will you be staying in? Obvs no prob if you don’t want to share that on the internet.

Majorstuen-ish, I think

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That’s good, it’s not bang downtown but literally all public transport goes there and you can still walk lots of places. Even if it is on the West side (I grew up in the far East of Oslo so obviously that is always better imo).


Oslo is built around the sea as many other major cities, so if you fancy a swim in the Nordic sea there are plenty of options. And in July/August the temperatures will be fine (depending on what you’re used to, of course – I normally have my first swim sometime in May – so @Unlucky, June might be fine for you as well!).

In central Oslo, most people nowadays trek down to the city beach at Sørenga:

It obviously gets super crowded on sunny days, but I’ve always managed to squeeze in somewhere.

There’s a few beaches near Bygdøy as well, as I mentioned in regards to that museum a few posts ago. It’s also quite nice to get a ferry out to any of the little islands in the Oslo Fjord. You should be able to find more info about this on ruter.no.

This is a list of the major swimming hot spots in and around town:

They should all be accessible by public transport, again ruter.no is your friend in planning your trips around town.

I went to Oslo in 2007 for around three nights. Not much to add to this thread except that it’s a lovely city with lovely people. I’d like to go again sometime.


Would like to go to Oslo at some point, so this is a cool primer, thanks @whiterussian! :bouvet_island:

Went to Sogndal nearly 15 years ago, a few hours drive through the clouds after the overnight ferry trip from hell (Newcastle-Bergen). Very pretty up there. Saw a glacier up close and visited the Kaupanger stave church. Rain falls (heavily) at the drop of a hat.

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So long as you’ve remembered to go to the vinmonopolet before it closes at whichever random time it has chosen to close on that particular day (assuming it wasn’t just closed all day again).

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(we did Bergen/Sognefjord last summer, it was lovely, would recommend)


Hi @whiterussian

I’m in Oslo right now (it’s a wonderful city BTW). Is it worth visiting Frognerseteren if: 1) we’re a little tired of walking already and 2) the nearby tobogganing bit is closed.

Also, any experience with the electric scooters? Worth it?

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I was in a Red Cross charity shop in Chorlton, South Manchester last weekend and kept noticing that lots of the items there had little references to Norway or Oslo on them, or were red/white/blue. At first I thought it was just the result of a Norwegian person taking a lot of items to the shop but after seeing about 20 different things I had to ask the woman behind the counter. She explained that they don’t really do charity, or have charity shops in Norway(?) so they export it out to other countries and this particular shop got a bunch of it. I bought some ‘Redgreen’ shoes that are a bit tory but quite colourful. I’ve tried to find them online but have struggled. When I wear them I will upload a pic here.

What do you think about that?


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Uhhh we have charity shops here, no idea what she’s on about

Looking forward to seeing your shoes!