WR's thread for the Norway General Elections


Vote closes at 9pm tonight. Here’s one of the English language articles I’ve found which explains some of what’s at stake.


How are the far-right (Progress) expected to do? Better or worse than last time?


I used to do a lot of work for your state-owned oil company and they were an enormous pain in the arse to work with, so I’m all for anything that’ll make their life a bit less comfortable, tbqfh.

Yes I am a small, petty man, thank you for noticing.


U wøt kamerat?!?


On one of the polls I’ve seen they were at about 17%, which ensures they’re still a major player. But whether them and the Conservatives combined will get enough seats for a clear majority is very uncertain, everyone’s saying it’s too close to call. So it’s all pretty exciting


Oof. Fingers crossed they don’t.


Tell me about it.


One hour left until voting closes!!!

I’ve been a little under the weather today and I was ill when Trump won so I’m trying not to be too superstitious about it


Would be funny if trump won the Norwegian elections too.



Did you pick up on all the fuss when one of our most horrible politicians of all time went to Sweden to visit Rinkeby recently? To study the so called “Swedish conditions” which is apparently the worst thing in the world




I actually totally missed that - think it may have been when I was in Spain

Anything peculiar happen or just then normal far-right crap?


@BodyInTheThames I avoided reading any of the articles about it as far as possible tbh

I voted for these guys:


Is there no Feminist Party in Norway then ?


Yeah, the Norwegian Feministisk Initiativ started up a couple of years ago. Don’t think they stand much of a chance in this election as there are too many small left-wing parties, but will probably vote for them in the next local elections as they’ll probably have a real chance of gaining a bit of power in Oslo (which is where I live and vote).


A full million people (out of about 5.3 mill in total) have voted in advance (including me), so that’s some kind of record. All of us lefties are obviously hoping that the past four years with the most right-leaning government this country has ever seen will have influenced more people to vote to the left. HOPING.


yeah, that makes sense

I renewed my Fi membership today as it goes - hope they can reach the magic 4% this time next year. Gonna try & figure out how I can help too


not looking good, if exit polls are reliable



The Reds got one seat though according to this, which will be the first time ever if that’s the case! The Greens also got 1 or 2 seats which isn’t included in that graph as they’re not part of the left or right… I’m watching on NRK and they said 81 (opposition) vs. 88 (current government).

A lot of it is up to the smaller parties now