WTF is Nu-Metal?

To stop us derailing the Scene wars thread any further.

I don’t think Slipknot are nu-metal.


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this whole thread is just going to descend into arguments about Deftones isn’t it

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No it fucking isn’t.

Are helmet old-nu-metal?
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I may be over-protective. I feel the same way with bands I like being branded nu-metal as I do with Blur/Pulp etc being branded Britpop. Blur are a lot better than Dodgy in the same way Deftones did a lot more than Coal Chamber or some shit.

I do think Slipknot are too heavy/thrashy to be nu-metal, but it would seem I am alone in that though.

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I liked how the nme tried to define it as ‘sports metal’ at the time.


Can it be taken to the Mathew’s Bridge?
Is a DJ of some sort being told to “bring it on?”
Are people being told to “throw their hands up?”
Is the track being “backed the fuck up?”
Is your lead guitarist dressed like Yoshimitsu?

Then it’s nu-metal, the best genre.


Is the definition basically a rock band with some rapping and a DJ?

If so, all of the above are nu-metal.

Not necessarily - Limp Bizkit had those things and definitely were; Coal Chamber had none of those things and definitely were too.

I read an article once which talked about the puberty-level maturity of the lyrics and themes in nu-metal.

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Nu-Metal = Drop D guitar tuning and lots of child/teenhood issues/angst




And the rest. Bands got ridiculous with the low tunings.

Adrenaline – normal tuning
Around The Fur – half a step down and drop D
White Pony – whole step down and drop D
Deftones – step and a half down and 7 string

Never played any of the rest but I know Stephen kept with his 7 string as it allowed him the chunky low end riffs and ringing upper string parts.

Nah. That could apply to grunge too.

Nailed it. It’s dreadlocks isn’t it!

EDIT: Mock dreadlocks

it’s this


There’s a CrossFit in Peckham next to the rehearsal studio we use and they blast out nu-metal through the speakers. So I guess they really took the NMEs words to heart.

Nah, my band does this. We’re not Nu-Metal tho

late 90s angsty bro rock I hate = Nu Metal

late 90s angsty bro rock I like = not Nu Metal and I will argue to great lengths why they’re not Nu Metal even though everyone in the late 90s called them Nu Metal and the band shared the same fanbases as the above bands.


Power chords, drop tuning
Turntables / DJ
Baggy jeans
Red baseball caps