WTF is Nu-Metal?


Okay i should have put deftones as slipknot. I’m a disgrace that has ruined this thread for everybody. I have to live with the guilt

It’s going to be hard from now on. Waking up knowing that I should have put fuckib slipknot , deftones and other bands I’ve never actually heard a song by.

My self disgust is going to be hard to live down. I will take to heavy drinking to try to relieve the pain. Maybe in the future… someday… i can accept that it was a simple error anyone could have done and then got in with my life. But I know it’s too late for me on here… i will always be seen as the monster I am… i hope you can forgive me…


Surely too old metal to be Nu-Metal? Weren’t they around in 1994 or something?


Blur and Pulp were Britpop though. I mean they had a britpop period and it was their most popular period by far so it’s fine, isn’t it?


way closer to Nu Metal than grunge… but realistically more Alice Cooper of Industrial Rock.

Manson is odd in that I associate them setting up a lot of Nu Metal that came after them.


I guess. I’m not a fans of genres in general, feel it pigeonholes everything a bit too much.


which is when nu metal started



I only really recall it being when Slipknot appeared and Limp Bizkit were suddenly a household name.


Yeah people usually say it started with Korn. Of course they had bagpipes, which their disciples wisely chose not to copy.


wish I could tell you it was actually a lot cooler before it went mainstream but nah


Oh yeah, I mean I remember how Korn were always laughed at. I think I just assumed it was all just ‘metal’ in those days.


Rage Against the Machine

  • Nu Metal
  • Get a haircut, hippies

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To paraphrase Andrew O’Neil’s History of Heavy metal:

“When Rage Against The Machine came along, it blew our minds. Here was a band marrying metal guitars to hip hop. It was such a breath of fresh air. Little did we know that that fresh air was a just a bubble in a colon in front of a load of shit being pushed along just behind it.”


RATM are a weird one. You can totally see how they 100% brought about all the nu-metal stuff that followed, and you could potentially say the self-titled album was the first nu-metal record. But Evil Empire is more garage rock mixed with hip hop, and I’m not sure what you’d call Battle of LA. Not nu-metal though, really.



Would argue against Deftones being classic nu-metal (comedy nu-metal single aside), as they were mostly too feelings-y and liked The Smiths and Sade. Also massive nu-metal demerits in having a DJ who never once brought it on.

Nowadays they’re the metal Cure.


Original lyrics for Last Resort lacked the obvious hooks and streamlined concept of the second draft.


their first 2 albums are solidly Nu Metal though. Even then, their stuff from White Pony-onward isn’t too far off either (and also features a DJ!).

Absolutely anyone that was into Korn, Coal Chamber, etc. at the time was into them as well. Nu Metal is all about being feelings-y.


I liked quite a few of these bands at the time (Deftones, Korn, RATM, even Limp Bizkit), but I liked the riffs and the drums. Is it less shit if I liked them despite the feelingsy?

I say like(d), I still listen to most of them, because fuck your judgement.


Nowadays Nu Metal is usually just a punch line and looked back on mostly in a ‘lol, weren’t Limp Bizkit shit’ way, but it’s easy to forget just how all fucking pervading it was for a couple of years as far as mainstream metal was concerned. It was like everyone felt they had to go full ‘down tuned shit with a DJ’ to survive. See: Machine Head’s comical tracksuit phase.

System of Down are usually considered Nu Metal big-hitters, but their debut was a genuine breath of fresh air at the time; it was crunchy and proper metal while still being a bit nuts and original. And that was still quite a while before the genre got properly massive.

They were bad times, and that’s coming from someone who had Korn tipp-exed on his pencil-case.


All this discussion on Nu-Metal, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter