WTF is Nu-Metal?


aahhh woo ooo ooo…are you in


This guy was spot on !


I remember thinking that was the coolest thing I’d ever heard when I first heard it. I was a stupid child.




Has everyone heard Spineshank’s cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps? Now there’s a song that needed more drop-D and angsty wailing!




Ah, I still rock to it occasionally - don’t be so hard on ye self.


Godfathers of Nu-Metal, innit.



Do American Head Charge count? I think they probably do.


reckon i probably still listen to the first album and enjoy it


I just did :confused:


do people still un-ironically listen to nu-metal in 2017? I ask this because big news here in Australia is that Download festival is staking a claim and just get a look at these headliners… well the whole lineup really, not for me, I am assuming it will be popular for a lot of folk. I never realised Korn/Limp Bizkit et al were a going concern - like do teenagers listen to these bands now??


lol that’s a pretty badass lineup tbf


I think it’s more a reflection on how only the old bands are big enough to headline these things so then you take what you’re given.

Also you’ve got to believe all those kids who were into Korn and Limpbizkit are now old enough to splash the cash on this festival as 30-somethings…


yeah that’s a good point - gotta make sure these things sell - festivals here have a bad record of one and done!

i guess it’s not a style of music I really follow - really hated bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit back in the day - i just thought there must be something other than Korn that could headline something like this


mate nu-metal’s cool again, you heard Code Orange and the like


Saw Korn at Reading Fest in August. They were great fun. Enjoyed.


Meh, there is no strict definition of most genres. Loud music from the mid 90s to early 00s which fitted a vague image all works for me as nu-metal. Slipknot stand out as pretty obvious: the DJ element, the shouting switching to clean, whining vocals, downtuned guitars, insufferable fans in baggy jeans.