WTF is Nu-Metal?


You know, that might actually be the one I’m trying to remember. Although I assume NME probably invented some slightly awkward portmanteau that I’ve since forgotten.



A what?


just a voice recording thing


Korn have some massive tunes tbf


post-hardcore and emo are kinda the same thing really? Neither are really useful terms anyway.

Either way, Relationship of Command and Bleed American are the two records that sent that scene into the mainstream


Sports in the sense of ‘sports biscuits’, ‘sports mixture’ and ‘sports car’


there were plenty of pioneers of rap metal prior to RATM, though. I guess RATM broke the mainstream a bit more, but I wouldn’t class them as the start of anything.



Sincere apologies, I made a ‘type-o’


cant believe there is actually a serious discussion on nu metal happening


now with a song with Alt-J and supporting Trivium!


Do you mean rap/metal crossovers like Anthrax/Public Enemy? Or actual bands with rap as a key component of their sound?


Faith No More innit


You will never understand it cos it happens too fast


what can we say SOMETHING (nu-metal) TAKES A PART OF ME


I suspect that’s the :moneybag: talking

And the publicity natch.


Very fair


What’s that supposed to mean? Seems like most people agree with me that At The Drive-In are nu-metal.


bold gambit but I think you’ll struggle to get many bites with this one.


It is possible for bands like Faith No More and RATM to be progenitors of nu-metal without being nu metal themselves I suppose. Like you wouldn’t really call the Melvins grunge.I think it starts with Korn for me.

Actually seems a bit silly dissecting it this much.