WTF is Nu-Metal?


I mean bands like Body Count and Biohazard etc


Great shout tbf. the most recent body count album is fucking banging, too


it’s certainly a fun listen. Ernie C is great guitarist.


pretty much this. Those bands were instrumental in setting the scene and crafting the elements that made up the sounds, but then Korn came along with

and Nu-Metal was born.


Good Charlotte above NOFX? LOL.


It’s really quite staggering how Korn have weathered the storm and remain so popular still, despite releasing a slew of poor albums since their heyday.



listening to nu metal again fuck sake



Landfill indie is the technical term


Metal fans innit, very loyal


i listened to all of spit and oracle a couple of weeks back :smiley:


Good Charlotte are a much bigger band?


Remember being in SATANS HOLLOW and they played Just So You Know by AHC followed by Concubine by Converge. I spilt a pint to it, amazing


Well they have got the Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous.


Im not defending it, just GC are much bigger so it makes sense why theyre higher


this is all your fault tbf


This is an absolute banger to be fair. I’d always assumed they had two vocalists until I saw the video very recently, as one singer and one shouty bloke (thought it was a bloke) is not an unusual combination.

Is there a name for the genre that combines clean vocals with screaming, or is it generally quite a widespread thin now?. When I first heard Trivium’s ‘Like Light to Flies’ I thought it was both cool and hilarious, reminds me a bit of Bill Bailey’s parodies of Slayer.


As a metal fan who will definitely defend Deftones and At The Drive In and mistakenly once bought a Korn album, can I just say that Mudavayne song linked above was absolutely fucking horrible.


this post is fucking wild