WTF is Nu-Metal?


I really dont know what youre saying here


I remember buying Spineshank - Height of Callousness, Soulfly - Primitive and Glassjaw’s debut on the same day. Thought they were all class at first but it wasn’t long before the other two dropped into oblivion and Glassjaw was the only one on heavy rotation. Glassjaw basically killed Nu-Metal for me. Praise be Glassjaw

(Discovering Relationship of Command and Rated R later that year put the final nails in the coffin)

1999 - 2000


Height of Callousness is still a decent listen.


It’s been a while but I would agree it was one of the better albums of the era/genre.


I tried one of their more recent albums earlier this year. My word it was



^typed that then looked at wiki which backs me up


Metalcore is more to do with the actual music than the vocals (imo), and lots of metalcore bands have purely screamed vocals.

Although screamed vox/melodic chorus has been a huge trope of the genre ever since Killswitch Engage basically perfected it. No idea why anyone else bothers tbh.


Metalcore is one of those dodgy and not very reliable terms mind. Bands like Converge and Poison the Well get called it, but they (I’d argue) are far punkier than say, Killswitch Engage


pretty pleased that as with mainstream/commercial metal after enough years of Nu-metal, this topic has moved onto Metalcore!


it’s all bollocks


Oh they absolutely are. and these days, it seems like hardcore fans caim them as ‘theirs’ (Converge, at least).

The other problem with metalcore is that it’s been so horrendously diluted by all the nonsense that’s come out of the Warped tour scene in the last ten years. Every other album I get sent to review is some six-piece band that sounds like a shit(ter) Atreyu, with horribly compressed drum triggers and autotuned choruses. Almost always on Rise Records, too. A world away from, say, At The Gates. It’s basically metal’s “emo” at this point.


wait what, i don’t understand that first line


fans of hardcore, claim Converge as a hardcore band. probably because they’re a metallic hardcore band.


Converge are just a punk band (with some metal influences) in my eyes (and they’ve said the same in the past). But the whole point is that their sound is flexible I guess


Yeah, this basically


i thought metalcore was invented to describe bands who had poppy bits but at their core were attempting to be metal bands

the actual explanation of metal + hardcore makes more sense but i think it’s ridiculous to describe all those autotune chorus bands as being influenced by hardcore

all terms become meaningless after a while don’t they, indie and emo both get used to describe the super sugary commercial stuff as well as the abrasive stuff


you’re probably thinking of screamo


Except Nu-Metal, of course


I just saw a reference to Hed (PE) and remembered I’d meant to find out what their name meant when I first heard about them 20 years ago. Just looked it up. It’s not particularly interesting.

End of message.


I interviewed Kittie during their first ever tour of the UK :slight_smile:

Some of their more recent efforts have been decent tbf, and they’ve just released a DVD documentary celebrating 20 years of the band.