Wtf Muse

Never has a still from a youtube video been so off putting



Is this real?

Oh, it’s some sort of technical feat.

Good. I was worried they thought it was in any way reasonable musical output.

Oh right so it’s just a really shit Cassette Boy inspired track that’s needlessly long and not remotely entertaining.

Oh so it’s a robot

The brand new video from Muse uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology to create a lyric video for new single “Dig Down.” Using the latest in machine learning capabilities the AI tool has been tasked with scraping hundreds of hours of footage searching for occurrences of words from the “Dig Down” lyrics and produces a library of video clips. The clips are then pieced together using timed information from


i really wish Muse would just fuck right off


Ooooh so relevant

Dig UP, stupid.


The actual song here is so thin too. These guys are such a constant disappointment to my teenage self, I honestly thought that after OoS there was a chance they’d kick off into some kind of unbelievable future-rock thing, but instead all we get is awful conspiracy theory crap crossed with this increasingly cringeworthy electro-pop nothingness. :disappointed:


Has anyone covered how much there’s a bit in the new Muse song that sounds JUST like Rebellion (lies)? Not sure there’s a whole thread in it